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New York-based holster manufacturer DeSantis Gunhide has unveiled four new fits for the Sig Sauer P225-A1. See below for a rundown of what’s currently available.


This asymmetrical design, is now the standard issue for the U.S. Secret Service and other Federal Law Enforcement agencies. The hole accommodates a padlock or standard handcuff behind the trigger allowing the weapon to remain holstered and loaded but locked and safe, for childproof storage. Belt slots are 1 3/4″ wide. Accommodates most combination locks or handcuffs. MSRP is $76.99. For more information, visit

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#086 Mini Slide®

Premium saddle leather, double seams and a highly detailed molded fit, make this exposed muzzle, tight fitting, two-slot holster a great choice for your favorite pistol. It features an adjustable-tension device. Belt slots are 1 3/4″ wide. MSRP is $71.99. For more information, visit

#033 Dual Carry II®

The Dual Carry II features our Tuck-able 360 degree ‘C’ clip for unlimited positioning adjustment in the IWB mode. Made of soft non-molded leather with thumb break and integral belt loop for OWB carry. Optional J clip is available at extra cost. MSRP is $34.99. For more information, visit

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#121 Scorpion® II

This is the next generation of our Scorpion® holster. The Scorpion® II is designed for all day comfort. This strong side concealment holster remains completely open when the pistol is drawn and allows for simple one handed re-holstering. It is precision molded from genuine Kydex® sheet for lasting durability. The Scorpion® II is fitted with our Tuckable 360® C-Clips which will allow height and cant adjustment and are totally tuck-able. Optional J-Clips are also available. MSRP is $66.99. For more information, visit

DeSantis Gunhide® is a leading holster manufacturer for city, state and federal law enforcement agencies, the U.S. armed forces, as well as hunting/sport shooting organizations around the world. DeSantis delivers a full range of holster products and accessories designed to meet or exceed the needs of its customers.

For more information, please visit or Facebook You may also email us at or speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives directly at 800-GUNHIDE.

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