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Guncrafter Industries has unveiled its new HOSS (Heavy Operating Shooting System) 1911 pistol, which the Arkansas-based custom gun manufacturer touts as “the most significant upgrade to the 1911 since 1911.”

“Even the 1911 pistol can be improved upon. Being a user, gunsmith, and engineer my universe has revolved around Browning’s masterpiece for more than 35 years,” Guncrafter founder Alex Zimmerman said in a press release. “I identified the parts under the most stress, and the most likely to fail: The extractor, slide stop, plunger tube, ejector, barrel link, barrel bushing and the barrel. We’ve made these parts much stronger, more reliable and simply better- yet they look and operate like standard parts. These upgrades do not affect the weight or function of the pistol – they just don’t break or malfunction”.

For more on the HOSS 1911, check out Roy Huntington’s American Handgunner cover story at

About Guncrafter Industries

Located in Huntsville Arkansas, Guncrafter Industries builds custom hand-fit 1911s executed to perfection, and backed by the best in industry Lifetime Satisfaction Assurance plan.


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