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If you’re a first-time gun owner, there’s a 58.1% chance — according to a recent study by the NSSF — that self defense is the primary reason you made your purchase. Now that you have your gun, it’s time to take your defensive skills to the next level.

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Heritage Training and Shooting Center, a full-service personal protection training center, shooting range and firearms retail store in Frederick, Maryland, has announced its “Arm Yourself with Experience” safety initiative, which kicks off on Oct. 8 with free clinics all day that focus on self defense tactics and teaches attendees how to be a responsible gun owner. This is just the beginning, the Center plans on offering free clinics throughout the year, according to the press release.

“A lot of people purchase firearms for personal defense, but don’t regularly fire the gun or take a class to learn defensive skills. This creates a false sense of security and leaves them unprepared to respond to a threatening situation,” said James LaFleur, President of Heritage Training and Shooting Center. “Our goal is to reach out to the community and provide free education and training to help develop the skills needed for personal defense. This is an opportunity to educate shooters of all skill levels about safe and responsible gun ownership practices.”

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The first “Arm Yourself with Experience” class is set for Oct. 8 at the Heritage Training and Shooting Center from 11 am to 3 pm. The center will offer three clinics on a 30-minute rolling schedule throughout the day: Situational Awareness, Defensive Long Gun and Defensive Handgun.

To register for a session or learn more, visit: www.heritagetrainingcenter.com/clinics.

About Heritage Training and Shooting Center:

Heritage Training and Shooting Center is a state-of-the-art facility with classrooms, simulation labs, ranges and firearms retail store all designed with comfort in mind. Personal protection is the responsibility of an individual and Heritage Training and Shooting Center offers the training and practice facilities to educate everyone who walks through the door.

For more information, visit: www.heritagetrainingcenter.com.

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If you're a first-time gun owner, there's a 58.1% chance -- according to a…