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(Photo by Honor Defense)

Due to popular demand, Gainesville, Georgia-based gun manufacturer Honor Defense has added a “long slide” version to its line of Honor Guard pistols. The Honor Guard Long Slide, which starts shipping through distributors this month, features a 3.8″ stainless steel barrel and an integrated rail for accessories.

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“The Long Slide version has been a request from consumers since we first launched,” Gary Ramey, President of Honor Defense, said in a statement. “A key benefit with the longer barrel, is the integrated rail for lights or other accessories. The firearm features the same chassis system as the Sub-Compact, this highlights the modularity of our firearms.”

Features: Honor Defense Pistols

– Modular stainless steel chassis system
– Ambidextrous slide catch
– Ambidextrous magazine release
– Striker-fired design that can handle 9mm +P loads
– Snag-free sights
– Crisp 7lb pull and short re-set
– Custom texture design to provide a better grip in all situations
– Two back straps for custom grip

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Honor Defense firearms represent the next generation of modular handguns. Honor Defense firearms have more features than any other sub-compact pistol. Every part is manufactured in the U.S.A. to our highest standards. You can’t buy a better pistol right out of the box. To create their pistols, Honor Defense secured input from a panel of professionals that have defended our nation or have extensive credentials in self-defense training.

For more information, please visit www.honordefense.com

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