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Carry your GLOCK pistol in style with INTELCASE Company’s new custom shop line of luxury cases.

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According to the press release, INTELCASE Company — a Negrini gun case distributor — designed these cases to fit all GLOCK models. They’re constructed with Negrini’s Patented double wall ABS technology and features a fitted compartment for all GLOCKs. The interior can be customized by peeling the self adhesive for full size to subcompact handguns. The gun is secured in each case via two steel combination locks and is ATA approved for air travel. The dimensions for these cases is L 13.75″ x W 8.25″ x D 3.875″, with each case weighing only 2.10 pounds. In addition, these cases boast two magazine compartments and hand upholstered luxury interiors. The materials used in these cases won’t outgas, which means your firearm won’t rust.

“Many GLOCK owners are spending high dollars on a custom GLOCK for a one-of-a-kind look.”, says INTELCASE Co. General Manager Jon Reddout, “with a wide range of GLOCK customization and upgrades, we saw a demand for a proper handgun case”

“The Custom Shop GLOCK cases are now available with our standard 2028SR/5511 (rubber trim finish) starting at $119 and 2028SLX/5512 (deluxe Italian Leather trim & handle) for $169. New full leather and wood finishes with upholstered interiors are scheduled for release around this holiday season” says Reddout.

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For more information on the Custom Shop GLOCK case go to or call 585-905-3161. Like Negrini on facebook or follow them on Twitter and Instagram @NegriniCases.

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