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Team SIG member Lena Miculek continued her winning ways as a 3-gun shooter at the Generation III Gun Championship in Montreal, Missouri, where she was named the Ladies Division Champion. She also captured the High Lady title and finished in eighth place overall against 200 other top competitors.

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As the press release notes, the Generation III Championship features eight intricate stages, with each competitor facing multiple starting positions, including engaging targets from a floating dock and while seated in a vehicle. At this year’s event, Miculek used her Sig Sauer P320 9mm and the Sig Sauer M400 rifle with great success.

“This was my first time competing at the Generation III match, and despite the adverse weather conditions, it was a great event,” said Lena Miculek. “The organizers behind this year’s competition did a wonderful job of maintaining a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for all of the competitors. I’m proud to be associated with an organization that is dedicated to introducing the sport of 3-gun to junior shooters, and I look forward to competing again next year.”

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According to the press release, Generation III Gun is a nonprofit organization that promotes competitive shooting sports to junior shooters. The annual competition doubles as the organization’s fundraiser and is supported by a number of different companies in the shooting sports industry.

For more on Generation III Gun, please visit http://generation3gun.com/.

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