The name “Glock” has been synonymous with law enforcement for decades. These pistols’ exceptional reliability and accuracy are calling cards that have placed Glock into the upper echelon of the firearms community. Of course, Glock pistols are also extremely popular in the self-defense category, so it would appear that the company has all the bases covered. Yet there is one special category that Glock dominates and few people know it—the 10mm.

The 10mm round was considered to be the most effective defensive handgun round available by Colonel Jeff Cooper of Gunsite Academy. His insights carried great weight at the time, and they continue to do so today. The FBI adopted the 10mm as both a handgun and submachine-gun round. Glocks chambered in 10mm, specifically the Glock 20, are in use with elite special operations units around the world. In fact, the Danish navy’s Slaedepatruljen Sirius, or Sirius Sled Patrol, carries the 10mm G20 for protection against polar bears. According to reports, the unit has many successful stops on record.

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Glock 20 Gen4

Glock currently offers five different models chambered in the mighty 10mm. Each is built to the same exacting standards as Glock’s other pistols. The G20’s 10mm firepower makes it especially well suited for hunting, while its polymer frame helps reduce felt recoil. With 550 foot-pounds of muzzle energy and a capacity of 15+1 rounds, this 10mm would make a reliable companion on any hunt. In fact, the 10mm cartridge’s total energy is over two and a half times that of the .45 ACP, making it a real-world big-game stopper. Of course, there is also a Gen4 version of the G20 with the Multiple Backstrap System and Glock’s dual recoil spring assembly.

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A modified version of the G20 is the Glock 20 SF, with “SF” denoting “small frame.” The G20 SF’s grip has a reduced circumference to fit small- and medium-sized hands a bit better than the full-sized G20. In other words, it has the same G20 power, but in a slightly smaller configuration.

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The G29 combines the hard-hitting power of the 10mm with Glock’s smallest pistol package for the ultimate CCW.

The G29 and G29 Gen4 offer superior versatility with the high-performance 10mm round. With reduced dimensions compared to the standard-sized Glock 20, the subcompact G29 is perfect for concealed carry. The Gen4 version offers a more aggressive grip pattern to allow a more secure purchase on the pistol, even with gloved hands. While the G29 comes in a small size, it maintains a 10-round magazine capacity.

As with the G20, the G29 also comes in an “SF” configuration. The subcompact G29 SF is also suitable for concealed carry. In addition to use as a backup weapon for hunting, more and more security personnel on patrol appreciate the comfortable firing characteristics and grip ergonomics of the G29 SF with its 10+1 capacity.

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The G40 Gen4 in MOS Configuration makes it easy to attach a fast-targeting miniature reflex sight like the C-More STS shown.

The newest addition to Glock’s 10mm family is the Glock 40 Gen4 in MOS Configuration. The new pistol combines Glock’s Modular Optic System (MOS) slide configuration with a 6.02-inch barrel for improved velocity as well as a 15+1 capacity. The G40 Gen4 in MOS Configuration is a powerful yet easily carried pistol for the outdoorsman, hunter and sport shooter. Designed to give hunters the ultimate choice in semi-automatic hunting handguns, the G40 Gen4’s 8.19-inch sight radius improves “shootability” with open sights while the MOS system makes it easy to mount popular reflex sights, including those from Leupold, Trijicon and C-More, among others. The advantages of reflex sights include faster target acquisitions and enhanced long-range accuracy.

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The G20 is already popular in the hog-hunting world, and this new kid on the block is certain to head in that direction as well. With a reflex sight mounted on the G40 Gen4, you can aim with both eyes open, which allows for a greater field of vision downrange. This is important when you are hunting dangerous game or simply out to get a prize animal.

The Glock Difference

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Glock 29 Gen4

While there are five flavors to choose from, there are many things that tie all of these guns together. One of the main components that can make or break any gun is the barrel. Of course, Glock has paid extensive attention to this part. Born out of high-grade steel and hammer forged with over 90,000 pounds of force, the end product of this process is a condensed steel barrel with a carefully calibrated 1-in-9.84-inch twist rate. This configuration not only produces a barrel with an incredible lifespan, but one that is accurate as well.

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The Gen4 dual recoil spring assembly is another feature of note, as it improves accuracy as well as reliability in all Gen4 pistols. This is especially helpful in the powerful 10mm pistols. The dual recoil spring assembly is primarily constructed of steel, with two springs instead of the older-generation single spring. The lack of flex in the dual recoil spring reduces any effect on the barrel and in turn improves accuracy. Another Gen4 feature is the Modular Backstrap System, or MBS. The Gen4 guns come with an initial setup that reduces the trigger reach by 2mm. You have the option of custom fitting your gun by adding a medium backstrap, adding 2mm, or a large unit that adds 4mm. This feature allows a shooter to better fit the gun to their hands and in turn improve accuracy.

Yet another area where Glock has excelled is in the finish applied to these guns. An advanced surface-hardening treatment is applied to all of the pistol’s surfaces, both external and internal, after machining is complete. The easily recognizable Glock finish provides a flat, dark and non-reflective surface that is only slightly below industrial diamond hardness. There are countless Glocks in service today that have endured some of the most extreme conditions on Earth. After thousands upon thousands of draws from holsters, being bumped against car doors and fired in torrential downpours, the finish remains unfazed. This corrosion-resistant finish has been a point of pride at Glock, and it is certainly justified.

Their Own Class

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The sheer power of the 10mm is undeniable. A favorite among hunters, the 10mm’s terminal ballistics make it a very effective and accurate game-taker. The 10mm is also found in the packs and holsters of backcountry explorers who venture into bear country. Few guns provide the defensive power of a 10mm in such a small package.

While the 10mm is a great cartridge, it takes a very special gun to harness its energy into a manageable package. All of Glock’s 10mm pistols are smooth-shooting tack drivers that will make you forget you are firing such a powerful round. While many myths exist regarding the unwieldy nature of the 10mm cartridge, they are all talk when Glock enters the picture. The gun design minimizes felt recoil and muzzle flip. This alone makes the Glock 10mm family superior. Mix into that Glock’s legendary reliability and simplicity and you have pistols that exist in a class of their own.

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