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The following is a press release from Traditions Performance Firearms

Traditions is excited to introduce into their line the Mountain Rifle as well as the Mountain Rifle Build-It-Yourself kits.

Based off of a Jacob and Samuel Hawken design, the Mountain Rifle was the inseparable companion of fur trappers and American explorers alike. Part of the “plains rifle” family, the Mountain Rifle could be found on the horsebacks of fur trappers looking for beaver and other pelts thanks to its long barrel which enabled this rifle to take targets at longer distances. American explorers also were partial to this rifle due to the longer barrel.

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Traditions Mountain Rifle in .50 caliber is reminiscent of the gun used back in this time period of America. While the original had a rust brown finish on the barrel, Traditions has selected a Brown CeraKote Finish which replicates this finish while providing increased corrosion resistance. These rifles feature a 32” octagonal barrel, Patch Box, custom scrolled trigger guard, 1:48” twist, double set trigger, wooden ramrod, hexagonal thimbles, 2 tennon design, adjustable rear sight, and more. It is available in Percussion or Flintlock.

Traditions is also introducing the Mountain Rifle in percussion or flintlock as a Build-It-Yourself kit. One of the best ways possible to get a real hands-on muzzleloading experience is to build it yourself! While the barrel does not have the CeraKote finish and the stock is unfinished, this allows for customization to specific tastes.

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Traditions is currently shipping these products. Please check with your distributor/s or contact Traditions for more information.

Known for their accurate, innovative, and dependable firearms, Traditions has been providing quality firearms for the past 30 years. Traditions offers blackpowder rifles and pistols, cartridge rifles and revolvers, blank pistols, Build-It-Yourself rifle and pistol kits, and cannons as well as a full line of accessories and optics. For more information on Traditions Performance Firearms, their website at, find them on Facebook and Twitter, or call 860.388.4656.

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