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The following is a press release from XS Sight Systems

Due to popular demand, XS® Sight Systems, Inc., has developed a new set of fast-acquisition sighting options for FN Herstal (FNH) pistols in both 9mm and 40S&W calibers. These Big-Dot and Standard-Dot Tritium sighting sets are now available to vendors and dealers at MSRP $95.

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This newest addition to the XS® Sight lineup is part of an effort to engage diehard FNH fans with the high-quality systems XS® Sight fans have come to expect, according to Commercial Sales Manager Tanya Gorin.

“Providing adaptability for FNH pistols gives XS® Sight the opportunity to meet the needs of defensive shooters,” Gorin said. “These sights are designed specifically to help the user overcome obstacles faced in high-stress shooting situations.”

Each model is designed with a highly visible front sight that operates well in all lighting conditions, as well as makes for fast acquisition when timing is a factor. They utilize green tritium to maximize visibility in abject lighting conditions.

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The FNH sights are available direct through XSSights.com and through our trusted distributors and wholesalers.

About XS® Sight Systems

XS® Sight Systems is the leader in precision manufacturing of hunting and combat tactical sights, lever rails, mounts and other related products for U.S. civilians, law enforcement and military professionals. XS® Sights CNCs all parts in house and only uses the best materials, including 1144 stress-proof steel and 6061 T6 aircraft grade aluminum. Visit https://www.xssights.com/ to see all products available for sale and the company’s history.

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