Horror movies and Halloween obviously go hand in hand. Well, guns and horror movies also tend to go hand in hand. So for Halloween 2016, we’ve rounded up some of the best horror movie guns of all time.

You’re no doubt familiar with Freddy Krueger’s iconic finger-blade glove from the Nightmare On Elm Street series. You’re probably aware of Jason Voorhees’ trusty machete used in all 12 (and counting) Friday The 13th films. You might even be acquainted with the chainsaw used by the creepy Leatherface in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise. But can you name any firearms used in these movies?

Scroll through the gallery above to learn more about 13 guns that can be seen in some of the most famous, or infamous, horror films of the past 50 years. Deciding which firearms would make the cut wasn’t an easy task, but after much consideration, we’re confident we’ve come up with a worthy selection which will put you in the Halloween spirit.

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And here’s a little bonus for you — the famous GE M134 Minigun (used at the 20-second mark) from “Predator” in action. [Note: Brief explicit language used in the clip]

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