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Florida government officials have announced they are expediting concealed carry permit applications for active military members and veterans in the Sunshine State in the wake of attacks against military personnel in Chattanooga, Tennessee, last summer. Thus far, the  Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has expedited over 50,000 Florida concealed carry applications.

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“The men and women who serve and have served our country deserve all of the support we can provide,” Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam said in a press release. “I’m pleased that we have been able to expedite so many active military members and veterans’ applications for a concealed weapon license.”

Active military personnel who are applying for a Florida concealed carry permit should include a copy of their Common Access Card or other form of official military identification along with their applications, while honorably discharged veterans need to submit a copy of their DD 214 long form with their applications.

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As Guns.com reports, this news comes just one year after Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a measure into law allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons without a permit during emergency evacuations, but only for 48 hours, and the gun owner must be either in the process of evacuating or returning home.

Concealed carry remains ever-popular in Florida, showing no signs of slowing down. The state had 1,632,184 permits on file as of August 31, the highest in the country, Guns.com noted.

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