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(Photo by Honor Defense)

Honor Defense has announced that its Sub-Compact and Long Slide Honor Guard pistols are now available with an ambidextrous safety.

“They are perfect for people that prefer having a Manual Safety on their firearm,” Honor Defense President Gary Ramey said in a press release. “Ambidextrous safeties are perfect for LE and firearm owners that train both left-handed and right-handed.”

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The Honor Guard pistols with an ambidextrous safety are available at a suggested retail price of $499. All Honor Defense firearms are available through the Distributor network.

Honor Defense Honor Guard Pistols

– Modular stainless steel chassis system
– Ambidextrous slide catch
– Ambidextrous magazine release
– Striker-fired design that can handle 9MM +P loads
– Snag-free sights
– Crisp 7 lb pull and short re-set
– Custom texture design to provide a better grip in all situations
– Two back straps for custom grip

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For more information, please visit www.honordefense.com.

Honor Defense firearms represent the next generation of modular handguns. Honor Defense firearms have more features than any other sub-compact pistol. Every part is manufactured in the U.S.A. to our highest standards. You can’t buy a better pistol right out of the box. To create their pistols, Honor Defense secured input from a panel of professionals that have defended our nation or have extensive credentials in self-defense training.

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