Size does matter, and the Kimber Micro series of handguns offers a compact design chambered in potent calibers. These mighty Kimber Micros, chambered in .380 ACP and now 9mm, are easy to conceal for everyday carry, no matter what body type you currently have.

The Micro is set up like a 1911, and as the name implies, the series is micro sized. If you are familiar with the 1911 platform, then the transition to a Kimber Micro will be a smooth one since the controls and ergonomics are very similar to a 1911. The thumb safety, slide release and magazine release are just like those in the 1911 design. What’s more, the single-action trigger on each Micro pistol is crisp and easy to master.

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What made the Kimber Micros stand out from other .380 ACP pistols upon its original release in 2012 was that its pistols were constructed entirely of metal and featured a single-action trigger system. They also were equipped with full-sized steel sights so aiming the Micros was more user friendly. Another important feature was their ease of operation. The recoil spring is typically very stiff on a .380 ACP pistol, so stiff in fact that some small pistols require a lot of hand strength to manipulate the slide. The Micro series, however, offers plenty of grasping area and doesn’t require a lot of muscle to operate. The Micro series also offered mild recoil even with the hottest .380 ACP factory loads and good accuracy for a compact pistol. At typical confrontation distances, the Kimber Micros can be real tack drivers.

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In 2015, Kimber upped the caliber ante with its 9mm Micro 9 Series. The new Micro 9 is about 10 percent larger than the .380 ACP models while maintaining the same 1911-style controls and functionality. The Micro 9 barrel and slide are constructed from stainless steel while the frame is made from aluminum, both of which offer integrity and strength with less weight. Just like the full-sized 1911s Kimber manufactures, the Micro and Micro 9 guns feature a lowered and flared ejection port for better case ejection and a beveled magazine well for faster loading.

Here are 10 examples of Kimber’s ultra-compact Micro and Micro 9 pistols, which are made for concealed carry.

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