Whether you own one gun or a dozen, you need a storage solution that offers maximum security without impeding access. But larger vaults can be expensive to deliver and position in your home. The solution: SnapSafe Modular Vaults.

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Thanks to the Kwik-Lock Modular Assembly System, each SnapSafe vault’s 9-gauge steel exterior walls lock together in minutes with no tools. This gives you the strength and integrity of a welded safe with none of the hassle, so it can go anywhere, even an upstairs closet. For even greater convenience, each safe is delivered right to your door. You unpack the components piece-by-piece and then move and assemble the safe anywhere. Four models are currently available depending upon your needs, including the Titan, Super Titan, Super Titan XL and Super Titan XXL.

Measuring 59 inches tall and 17.5 inches deep, Titan home safes fit in any closet—out of sight—giving your documents, valuables, firearms and jewelry protection from fire and theft. The Titan modular safe turns any closet into a closet vault. The Titan features a nine-slot full gun rack. The recommended capacity is 12 long guns when stored in sleeves with the muzzles up and down—less of course if your guns have optics.

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As its name implies, the Super Titan is much larger. Every Super Titan ships with one full shelf and full gun rack plus a half gun rack with two half shelves, so you can configure your vault to meet your needs. The Super Titan features a 15-slot gun rack. It can hold 24 long guns when stored in sleeves with the muzzles up and down. The Super Titan XL comes with a 30-slot gun rack and can hold 36 long guns. Finally, the largest of the bunch, the Super Titan XXL, features a full gun rack with over 56 slots. Its recommended capacity is 56 long guns when stored in sleeves with the muzzles up and down (less for guns with optics).

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