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Are you a legal gun owner in the state of Texas? Do you want to carry concealed or openly in public but are unsure which places will allow it? If so, Texas 30.06 is a tool you might want to consider using. It’s an interactive website that allows gun owners to search for and add businesses that don’t allow guns on their property. The site bills itself as a “30.06 and 30.07 Information Resource” — a reference to the Texas 30.06 and 30.07 signs businesses post prohibiting concealed and open carry, respectively.

“This is not a for-profit venture. We are in it to help the community because it’s important to know both who supports the Second Amendment and who allows us to protect ourselves and our families,” website founder  Russell Jones told Breitbart Texas.

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Venues and businesses are divided into a number of different categories: restaurant, medical, bar, office, services, government/military, entertainment, gym/sports club, gas station, entertainment and more. There’s also a map for each entry, and there’s even an iPhone and Android app for your convenience.

It’s important to know the difference between the various signs that businesses post. As Breitbart notes, there’s a notice on the website that reads, “Signs that are not 30.06, 30.07, or 51% such as “Gunbuster” or “No Guns Allowed” signs, should NOT be submitted!” It also says “Newsletters, verbal notification, or other types of notices should NOT be submitted! If they don’t have a sign, don’t submit!” If you want to know the legal difference between the signs, simply click on the Signs sub-link. If a business or venue takes down or updates a sign, there’s also a link to report that as well.

The website has nearly 11,000 registered users and 9,200 entries.

Jones told Breitbart he was inspired to create the site after noticing that concealed handgun license (CHL) holders in the Lone Star State “lacked a centralized location for reporting and retrieving businesses and other facilities that deny our right to defend both ourselves and our families from criminals; the same criminals that by definition don’t care what the laws say.”

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The site has proven popular within the Texas gun community.

“Texas 30.06 is the go-to reference point for gun owners in Texas. As a user-generated site, it is continuously updated,” said C.J. Grisham, president of Open Carry Texas. “If a business wants to succeed and make money, it should endeavor never to find itself listed. Open Carry Texas encourages its members to use this valuable tool when making purchasing decisions.”

For more about Texas 30.06, visit https://www.texas3006.com.

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