Contrary to what many think, concealed carry is not a new phenomenon, and there has traditionally been steady demand for small and discreet concealed carry guns for self-defense. However, it is beyond debate that the interest in and market for small, concealable and effective handguns has never been greater than it is today.

It is an unenviable task to try and identify the best small handguns of all time, and in this attempt I have stuck with a few caveats. Suitable concealed carry guns must be sufficiently powerful to reasonably stop an assailant, so I considered nothing less than the .38 Special or .380 ACP. Being able to place multiple hits on target is also a concern, and no handgun with less than a five-round capacity has been included. I have also strongly considered quality, reliability, size and accuracy, and still this list will remain far from comprehensive.

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Springfield Armory



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