hk vp9 grey pistol
(Photo by Heckler & Koch)

Heckler & Koch‘s VP9 striker fired pistol is now available with a grey frame, the company has announced. There are now three color frame models for the VP9: flat dark earth, standard black and the new VP9 grey variant.

According to the press release, the VP9 grey is manufactured by Heckler & Koch using special colorants which are added to the frame during the molding process. These color frame models won’t fade or chip, and they’re unaffected by chemicals, sun and exposure to the elements. In short, these pistols are built to last and look the part.

“We continue to add to the VP family of handguns as a response to customer requests,” said Michael Holley, HK-USA Vice President for Commercial Sales and Marketing. “The VP Series is one of HK’s most successful handguns and continues to grow in popularity with it’s ‘precise pull’ trigger, recognized as industry-leading.”

These new VP9 grey frame models are made in Heckler & Koch’s Oberndorf factory located in southwest Germany using the company’s barrel manufacturing technologies and high-level production of their machined steel slides, polymer frames, and all internal components, the release says. See below for more.


Caliber: 9mm
Length: 7.34 in.
Height: 5.41 in.
Width: 1.32 in.
Barrel Length: 4.09 in.
Sight Radius: 6.38 in.
Weight (Empty Magazine): 26.56 ounces
Magazine Capacity: 15 / 10 Rounds

About Heckler & Koch:

Heckler & Koch is the world’s premier small arms systems company and a major supplier to global military, law enforcement agencies, and civilian shooters. An innovative leader in design and manufacturing, Heckler & Koch provides technologically advanced firearms, logistical support, training, and specialized services with the highest standards of innovation and reliability to its customer base. Heckler & Koch’s well-known range of products include the USP series pistols, MP5 submachine gun, the MP7 Personal Defense Weapon, the G36 weapon system, the HK416 enhanced carbine, HK45, P30, and most recently VP series pistols.

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