The Magpul Tejas Gun Belt line has expanded with the addition of the “El Empresario.” According to the official product description on Magpul’s website, the slim and stylish Magpul El Empresario boasts a full aniline leather exterior and a flexible reinforced polymer interior.

“Cut to a narrower 1 1/4” width and just slightly thinner overall, it maintains the gun belt rigidity with dress belt looks and comfort. Still rigid enough to carry a holster, but with increased comfort for everyday use while retaining it’s stretch and sag free performance,” Magpul says.

The Magpul El Empresario is available in black, chocolate, light brown, and blue grey. The retail price is $89.95. See below for more.


  • Full aniline leather exterior layer and supportive but flexible reinforced polymer interior
  • Stretch and sag free performance
  • Slim design buckle and dress belt looks and finish
  • 1-1/4″ wide and 0.20″ thick to fit most belt loops and holsters
  • Eight holes with 3/4″ spacing for a wide yet precise adjustment range
  • Multiple lengths available from 32-44 inches

About Magpul

Magpul was founded in 1999 with the intent of developing a simple device to aid in the manipulation of rifle magazines while reloading under stress. The company’s name comes from this original product called the Magpul®. Over the last decade Magpul has continued to grow and develop using much the same mission and process with a focus on innovation, simplicity, and efficiency. For more information, visit

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