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42-year-old Nakia Shane Burland in Spokane, Wash. is dead after charging at an armed homeowner during what appears to be an attempted break-in last week.

According to KREM, the unidentified homeowner was at his house at around 8:30 p.m. when he heard an aggressive knock on his front door, which nobody ever uses. Immediately suspicious, the homeowner grabbed his gun and went out his side door to investigate. From his porch, he saw Burland standing in his yard about 15 feet away.

The homeowner, an Army veteran who served in Iraq, KXLY says, ordered Burland to leave several times, but Burland refused to comply. Instead, the homeowner says Burland rushed towards him, at which point the homeowner fired his weapon once.

Burland fled from the yard and the homeowner called the police, who followed a trail of blood that ended across the street from the homeowner’s yard and found Burland with a gunshot wound in his leg.

Despite efforts on the part of police to give Burland medical attention, he wouldn’t cooperate.

“The deputies continually tried to calm him down and they were able to detain him and get medics in there, but the male continued to be uncooperative,” said Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Gregory.

Burland had been shot in his femoral artery and was losing blood, so by the time he received treatment, he had lost so much blood that he died at the scene.

As KXLY reports, the home where the incident took place is right next to the Spokane River and Centennial Trail, which is commonly used by thieves to gain access to the neighborhood and steal from residents. Police haven’t determined if that was Burland’s goal.

Burland has a lengthy rap sheet that includes arrests for drugs and counterfeiting. This history will be taken into consideration by police when they decide whether or not to pursue charges against the homeowner, who has cooperated fully thus far.

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