sig sauer new 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol
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When you buy from Sig Sauer, you know you’re getting something high-quality. Case in point: the new 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol, which is modeled after the 1911 Max centerfire pistol designed by World Speed Shooting Champion and Team SIG Captain, Max Michel, Jr. It’s a CO2-powered, semi-automatic 1911-style BB pistol that serves as a great training gun for new and experienced shooters alike.

“When it comes to shooting, consistent training is invaluable, whether you are a member of law enforcement, the military or are a responsible citizen carrying to protect your family,” said Max Michel, Jr. in a statement. “Despite this, many people don’t have the time, opportunity or finances to train as much as they should.  The 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol gives you the flexibility to train anywhere, anytime with measurable results.  Dry fire training is always recommended, but can be boring and sometimes misleading. This is a great way for those who typically shoot a 1911-style pistol to work on accuracy, speed and drawing from concealment.”

According to the press release, the 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol fits current 1911 holsters and has the same weight and controls of a standard 1911. It features a full-metal slide and frame with realistic blowback action of the metal slide. The 16-round mag holds 4.5mm steel BBs and the trigger has the same styling and shape as the 1911 Max firearm. Meanwhile, there’s also a cam lever CO2 loading port for convenient loading of the 12gr CO2 cartridges.  The .177 caliber 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol shoots up to 410 fps, but velocity results can vary depending on temperature and altitude.

Simply put, if you’re looking to learn firearm safety and basic shooting fundamentals in a controlled, quiet, safe environment, the 1911 Max Michel BB Pistol is certainly worth considering. It does away with the loud bang and recoil which can sometimes scare off new shooters, thereby boosting your confidence while giving you an idea of what traditional firearms are all about.

“I’m a 10-year Army veteran and have been a pro shooter for nearly 20 years, and I enjoy shooting this BB pistol because it’s just incredibly fun,” said Michel.  “Regardless of your shooting ability, practice with this BB pistol is a really enjoyable and affordable way to improve your skills. I love shooting with my kids and this provides a platform for me to teach them safely while building their confidence. In the next few years as they continue to progress into more traditional firearms, they will be much better prepared because of the training they are receiving with the 1911 Max Michel BB pistol.”

MSRP:  $110.99

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