Revolvers may be archaic or a bit of a throwback to some, but they’ve never really fallen out of favor with shooters, many of whom have found that revolvers have some unique advantages over semi-autos. A well-functioning, well-maintained revolver won’t fail because of a slide obstruction, and you can fire it from inside a pocket if needed. Revolvers also lack the external safeties you’ll find on semi-autos—the levers you might forget to deactivate in a hurry. For that reason, short-barreled revolvers are extremely appealing for concealed carry. But despite the reliability and safety built into each and every revolver, you should always use a sturdy holster to keep one secure, and to protect the gun and cover the trigger. Dozens of holster companies today are making high-quality rigs to carry your wheelgun safely and comfortably. Here are several new revolver holsters from some of the most popular manufacturers.

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Alien Gear





Clinger Holsters



DeSantis Gunhide

Double Click Holsters



N82 Tactical


Sneaky Pete

Tagua Gunleather


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