Glock lovers rejoice: Napa-based American Gunsmithing Institute has announced it is offering an updated Glock Pistols Armorer’s DVD/Blu-ray course taught by the man, the myth the legend, AGI Master Gunsmith and Instructor Ken Brooks. This updated course covers the history, design & function, disassembly & reassembly, and more as it pertains to the Glock pistol, the press release says.

“We’ve updated our course with the most modern GLOCKSmithing knowledge and techniques. I think people are going to be thrilled by the depth of information in this course and love the simple and easy to understand way that it’s presented,” said Gene Kelly, president of AGI.

Ken Brooks is the man to listen to when it comes to Glock pistols, AGI says. He uses a cutaway firearm and the various generations of Glock pistols to demonstrate the design and function of the handgun. He’ll give you a verbal timeline of the history of Glock pistols. He’ll show you different variants of the Glock to give you a good idea what which pistol will suit you needs.

This updated course will guide you through disassembling and reassembling your Glock pistol and avoid the pitfalls and mistakes made by novices. Ken will also run down all the safety features on the Glock and go into Glock’s Safe Action system. Finally, you’ll get a look at different accessories and aftermarket parts for Glock pistols, such as a frame mounted manual thumb safety.

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