champion's ar500 steel targets
AR500 3/8" 66% IPSC
(Photo by Champion Traps & Targets)

Gear up for years of fun at the range with the new line of Center Mass AR500 Steel Targets from Minnesota-based Champion Traps & Targets.

These tank-tough targets are precision laser-cut from premium rolled and hardened AR500 steel, the press release says. They feature square holes for mounting using ½-inch carriage bolts. Meanwhile, the centerfire rifle rated targets are 3/8-inch thick and the centerfire pistol rated targets are ¼-inch thick.

With AR500 steel, you know you’re getting something that is capable of withstanding multiple calibers at the right distances. The new Center Mass AR500 Steel Targets come in three different shapes and sizes, giving you the ability to customize your shooting experience.

“Interactivity is the name of the game when it comes to the range today,” said Eliza Graves, Brand Manager for Champion. “Shooters want to have fun and improve their skills with immediate feedback. Hearing is believing with Champion Center Mass Steel Targets.”

The new Center Mass AR500 Steel Targets at a suggested retail price that ranges from $14.95 to $109.95, depending on your preference.

Champion is a Vista Outdoor brand. For more information, visit

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