florida concealed carrier shoots man
(Photo by WSVN)

A routine stop at a McDonald’s drive-thru turned into a violent attack that forced a concealed carrier to shoot a man in self defense.

22-year-old Victor Hugo Saavedra was in line at the drive-thru in Hialeah, Florida last Monday evening when Sergio Hernandez, 21, and his girlfriend, 20-year-old Vanessa Puente, walked up to the window and started talking to the teller.

Saavedra honked his horn in frustration, causing Puente to run up to his vehicle and start hitting the driver’s side window.

Things only escalated from there.

Saavedra got out of his car, and Puente began punching him in the face. Hernandez joined her, repeatedly hitting Saavedra in the back of the head.

Saavedra took out his cell phone and tried to call 911, but Puente slapped the phone away.

That’s when Saavedra drew a concealed 9mm Glock pistol from his waistband and fired once at Hernandez, hitting him in the left pelvic area.

Police arrived and transported Hernandez to Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment. He is expected to survive.

Puente and Hernandez are both facing battery charges. Puente, who was already out on felony bond after an unrelated incident, was also charged with witness tampering after slapping Saavedra’s phone out of his hands.

Saavedra had a valid concealed carry permit. Police determined that he acted in self defense when he pulled the trigger, and he won’t be charged with any crime.

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