second-generation FAB Defense KPOS

Here’s another easy-to-install upgrade for your Glock autopistol. The second-generation FAB Defense KPOS kit allows to basically transform their guns into backpack carbines. The only glitch: If you purchase this product and add it to your host pistol, it’ll automatically become a short-barreled rifle, or SBR. So although it’s really easy to set up your “Glock carbine” with the KPOS system—no special assembly or handgun modifications are necessary—buyers must first register their pistol with the BATFE.

The KPOS’ frame is made of one solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum and includes a full-length upper rail for mounting optics, lights, sights and other accessories. Folding and collapsible stocks are available. The folding stock, which has a rubber buttpad, is easy to adjust for angle and height, while the charging/cocking mechanism is built right into the KPOS frame. Shooters will find that charging the weapon is similar to using an ambidextrous AR-type handle.

Three rails are built into the forend—two on the sides and one on the bottom—and these rails cannot be removed, making for a rock-solid accessory mounting platform. Want to run your Glock suppressed? No problem. You can remove the included flash suppressor and add a sound suppressor as needed.

According to The Mako Group, FAB Defense’s distributor, the second-generation KPOS kit weighs less than any other conversion on the market. The frame is even big enough to receive the select-fire Glock 18 and other longer competition Glock variants, yet the frame is still the smallest compared to any competitive models—folded or open.

For more information, visit or call 631-843-0490.

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