inaugural NRA personal protection expo in milwaukee

Now here’s an event that sounds very interesting: the inaugural NRA Personal Protection Expo, which has just been announced for August 25 through 27 at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Billed in the press release as an “educational and interactive experience dedicated to citizens interested in increasing their knowledge and skills of personal protection, concealed carry and defense tactics,” this expo features a host of seminars and workshops taught by leading experts and instructors from around the country. Big-name manufacturers will also be on hand in the exhibit hall to showcase firearms, shooting accessories, concealment and storage products, tactical gear and home defense solutions.

In terms of the aforementioned educational content, the NRA Personal Protection Expo will have concealed carry courses that delve into methods & tactics, holster selection and women’s only offerings. Personal protection, situational awareness, skills building, knowing what gear to pick, and active threat control will also be addressed.

Looking to learn more about home defense? You’ll have the chance to do just that, with topics like creating a home defense plan, preventative security measures, responding to intruders and product selection expected to be on tap.

Personal protection rights aren’t going anywhere, folks. In fact, they’re only going to expand in the coming years. Better to learn as much as you can now rather than wind up behind the curve later on.

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