A hideout six-shooter in the Old West usually meant a short-barreled pistol that was easy to carry discreetly yet able to be brought quickly into play from across a card table or across a room. Bankers and shopkeepers kept them hidden just in case, and lawmen and outlaws used these hideout guns as backups. The shorter barrel on these revolvers made them more concealable yet, because they were based off of full-sized pistols, they were still chambered in powerful calibers. There were no compromises with these discreet pistols. Originally, Colt’s Sheriff’s Models had short barrels and no ejector rods; Colt Shopkeeper’s Models had short barrels and ejector rods. Today, Mounted Cowboy Action shooters who need a quick-drawing gun that can easily be cocked one-handed favor modern reproductions of short-barreled revolvers. Some of these models incorporate a bird’s-head grip, making the gun more concealable and easier to shoot for those shooters with smaller hands. They are also chambered in powerful calibers, making them excellent self-defense guns. Without further ado, here are some of the best.

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