So you went ahead and bought yourself a Sig Sauer P320 and P250 Compact. What’s the next step? You’ll need a holster to carry that bad boy. Enter New York-based DeSantis Gunhide. They’ve just unveiled five different holster fits for these guns: the New York Undercover rig and holster-only option, the C.E.O Shoulder Rig, the Slim-Tuk, and the Facilitator. Each of these have distinct advantages for the end user. Check out the description for each below, via the press release.

#11D, New York Undercover™ Rig

A classic law enforcement holster since its introduction in the 1970s, the New York Undercover™ shoulder rig (holster + harness) has undergone several significant improvements without any compromise to quality. Every New York Undercover™ is hand-crafted in the USA from premium top-grain cowhide and shipped fully assembled with a double ammo carrier. Additional accessories available separately. Harness fits up to a 54″ chest and pivots at all four junction points. MSRP is $179.99. For more information, visit


#11H, New York Undercover™ Holster Only. MSRP is $73.99. For more information, visit


#11Z, C.E.O.™ Shoulder Rig (Holster + Half Harness) MSRP is $127.99. For more information, visit


#137, Slim-Tuk™

This is a new, minimal ambidextrous IWB holster fashioned from Kydex®. One of the most unique features about this IWB holster is that it uses our tuck-able 360°™ C-Clip, which affords the wearer unlimited mounting options. The hardware can easily be reversed to change from right to left. The Slim-Tuk™ is precision molded from sturdy Kydex® sheet and features a rugged nylon clip. Retail price is $39.99. For more information, visit


#042, Facilitator™ 

This holster is constructed of rigid .125 Kydex® sheet and glass reinforced nylon for strength and durability and features our Redi-Lok™ trigger locking device. It can be worn strong side (butt rearward), cross-draw (butt forward), or small of back (almost horizontal). The Facilitator™ is slim, which makes it much more concealable than the competition. The combat proven Redi-Lok™ makes this model very secure and snatch resistant. The Redi-Lok™ is a trigger locking device that is totally instinctual so almost no new training will be necessary. It is located on the inboard side so it’s out of eye-reach of an adversary. Belt slots are 1 3/4″ wide. For more information, visit


For more information about DeSantis Gunhide and their full range of products, visit

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