truglo TFX PRO sights
(Photo by TRUGLO)

Just in time for the holiday season, Texas-based sights and accessories manufacturer TRUGLO announced that their TFX ((Tritium + Fiber-Optic Xtreme) and TFX PRO handgun sights are now available for the recently-released Ruger American Pistol in both 9mm and .45 ACP.

TRUGLO’s TFX sights use the company’s tritium + fiber-optic xtreme technology, providing the end user with a 3-dot aiming system that’ll help you get the job done in daylight, low light and total darkness. According to the press release, this technology also boasts a sealed capsule design, press-fit retention rings and a “Fortress Finish,” meaning these tough sights are resistant to potentially damaging chemicals and solvents.

TFX PRO features the same technology, but with the addition of a U-notch rear sight for increased speed and accuracy, a bright orange FOCUS•LOCK ring on the front sight, and a forward-angled rear sight profile to assist in emergency one-hand slide operation.

This Ruger American Pistol announcement brings the total number of handguns which can be customized with TRUGLO TFX or TFX Pro day/ night sights to over 100. MSRP is $172. See below for additional information.

  • Unmatched visibility in all shooting conditions 24/7
  • Assembled in USA with quality Swiss Tritium for maximum brightness
  • Glows-in-the-dark — no batteries or light exposure required
  • Front sight FOCUS•LOCK for fast and accurate shooting
  • Concealed fiber cannot be seen by target
  • FORTRESS FINISH™ provides a permanent protective coating for maximum protection
  • Fits standard holsters
  • Evaluated and recommended by National Tactical Officers’ Association (NTOA) field testers
  • Patented
  • MSRP: $172

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