Back when I was a kid, pocket pistols were novelties. But fast-forward a few decades and the most extraordinary transformation has occurred in the shooting world.

Concealed carry of firearms for personal protection has finally caught up with the founders’ clear original intent as depicted in the United States Constitution.

Now this deep into the Information Age, law-abiding folks are taking responsibility for their own security from coast to coast. Some states restrict the practice so severely as to leave their citizens defenseless, but most do not. As a result, concealed-carry guns and gear have become a huge industry.

When it comes time to pick out pocket pistols with which to defend yourself or your family, there are tons of options. Here are some of the best pocket pistols currently available.

For more information about the pocket pistols featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.


Smith & Wesson


Rock Island Armory

Bond Arms



North American Arms

Heckler & Koch

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