Everyone’s got their favorite thing, be it a car, football team or gun. Fans enjoy ranking those things and love to see their favorites come out on top. DJ Casey Kasem became a legend when he hit the airwaves each week with his American Top 40 radio program. While I have no illusions of becoming famous like Kasem, I’ve assembled a list of the top .40 S&W handguns you might consider for self-defense.

I did not attempt to order these from worst to first because choosing a handgun is an extremely personal decision. Rather, I’ve included a selection of quality .40 S&W handguns, any of which could be your number one hit.

Any of these guns can send out a long-distance dedication to an attacker. Only you can determine which of these contenders tops your own personal chart.

For more information about the .40 S&W handguns featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.



Charter Arms




Heckler & Koch



Sig Sauer

Smith & Wesson

Springfield Armory



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