Years ago I had taken an AR pistol on trade at a gun show. The owner was honest and told me up front that he couldn’t get the pistol to cycle and just wanted to get rid of it for a fraction of what he had invested in it. I gave it a good inspection and could see that most of its parts were of quality. Even if I couldn’t get it to work, I could sell the gun’s parts and still make a decent profit. I brought it home and it sat in the corner of my workshop for years untouched until I learned of Sig Sauer’s SB15 Stablizing Brace. I ordered one immediately, and while I waited for it to be delivered, I stripped my AR pistol down to its individual components. It was then I discovered a cracked gas tube that undoubtedly was the source of the gun’s problems.

I reassembled the gun using a Guntec USA low-profile gas block and a new gas tube. My rebuilt AR pistol has a 10.5-inch barrel, and I installed a free-floating handguard from Guntec USA as well as the company’s cone flash suppressor. I re-assembled the gun’s lower receiver with the new Tac-Con 3MR trigger, a Magpul MOE pistol grip and triggerguard, and a TAPCO single-point sling mount end cap.

Once my SB15 arrived, I slid it into place. To round out my Frankenstein pistol build, I mounted a set of Yankee Hill Machine Quick Deploy sights, an LMT Tactical Latch charging handle and an EOTech holographic sight. On the left side rail I attached an EOTech M6X light and laser.

I fell in love with this new build the first time I shot it. I set out my targets at 50 yards and co-witnessed my EOTech and iron sights. My first three-shot sighting group measured less than 0.75 inches with generic ball ammo. It didn’t surprise me that my build possessed this type of accuracy. What surprised me was that I was able to shoot so effectively with the SB15 brace. The other thing I was pleasantly surprised by was the crispness of the Tac-Con 3MR.

If you’re not interested in actually building your own AR pistol, feast your eyes on the following AR-platform pistols on the market—some with the SB15 Stabilizing Brace and some without.

For more information on the AR pistols featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.

American Tactical



Daniel Defense



MasterPiece Arms


Rock River Arms

Sig Sauer

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