safariland 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster
(Photo by Safariland)

Safariland is launching a new ‘narrow fit’ variant of its Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit Concealment Holster at SHOT Show 2017, booth #12762. They’ll also roll out an updated Model 086 Shotgun Shell Holder, now available in a fourth size to hold two 12-gauge shotgun shells – making life easier for competitive shooters with smaller hands to grab multiple shells at once, the company says.

“The new narrow fit for the Model 578 Pro-Fit holster meets the needs for the rising number of users purchasing smaller firearms,” said James Dawson, category director for Duty Gear at Safariland. “With a simple adjustment, the avid gun collector can easily switch from a Glock 43 to an M&P Shield or a Walther PPS to a Springfield XDS without changing out their holster.”

Here’s what Safariland says about the Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit holster in their press release:

The Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit holster features the innovative Grip Locking System (GLS) technology that automatically secures the handgun when holstered. Releasing is intuitive; with a proper shooting grip, the middle finger rests on the locking mechanism, allowing it to sweep over the GLS releasing the firearm with a simple, straight-up draw out of the holster. GLS models also feature low-cut sides, aiding in concealment, speed and re-holstering. It’s the only holster on the market that can fit a wide variety of handguns with a secure and easy-to-use internal locking system. The 578 Pro-Fit holster body is constructed with the durable SafariSeven™ material. This lightweight, state-of-the-art nylon blend is completely non-abrasive to a gun’s finish, tolerant of extreme high and low temperatures, and easy to maintain. The Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster is available in SafariSeven™, Plain Black and FDE Brown finishes with an MSRP of $55.00.

Meanwhile, Dawson says Safariland developed the newly upgraded Model 086 as a result of increasing demand for shotgun shell holders that accommodate various hand sizes.

The newest Model 086 Shotgun Shell Holder sizes offered are two and six 12-gauge shotgun shell combinations. Originally offered in two sizes for four or eight shells, the expanded fits are ideal for the competitive shooter to determine which is best for their hands. With a patent-pending retaining plate, the Model 086 keeps the shotgun shells from dislodging and allows the shells to be quickly removed a few at a time or all at once. The Model 086 Shotgun Shell Holder allows for adjustment of ride-height and cant and a wide variety of shell lengths. Available in black or red with the ELS 34 Locking Fork or 744BL Belt Clip, the Model 086 Shotgun Shell Holder is now available with MSRPs between $53.00 and $113.00.

Wanna see the The Model 578 GLS Pro-Fit Holster and Model 086 Shot Gun Shell Holder for yourself? Check out The Safariland Group booth #12762 during SHOT Show 2017 this week. For more information about Safariland, visit

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