SureFire definitely brought their A game to SHOT Show this year, showcasing a range of cool products including the new SureFire XC2 weaponlight.

Designed for concealed carry, the SureFire XC2 is the next generation of the XC1 released back in 2015. It features the same 200-lumen light output as the XC1, but adds a 635nm red laser immediately above the light to give the end user more options in terms of target acquisition. Not only that, but the momentary and constant-on switches boast improved ergonomics as well, which the company says enhances overall performance.

One of the things we like about the SureFire XC2 is the fact that it’s well and truly compact. It doesn’t add any bulk to the gun, so the user isn’t sacrificing concealability when it’s mounted.

Essentially, the XC2 not only gives you capability to positively identify threats, but it also provides improved low-light target acquisition and enables you to fire from non-standard shooting positions. In short, it’s a great little EDC light that you should definitely consider checking out.

No word yet on the suggested retail price for the SureFire XC2, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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