It’s going to be an exciting year for Black Hills Ammunition, judging by what we saw when we swung by its booth at SHOT Show. Namely, the Black Hills HoneyBadger line designed for self-defense. Check out the video above to see Mike Wright, the company’s head of customer service and marketing, walk us through it.

Below, the Rapid City, South Dakota-based ammo manufacturer had this to say about its new offering for 2017, via their Facebook page.

Our new bullet design, developed with Lehigh Defense, LLC, is solid copper, non-deforming, and non-fragmenting with large machined flutes and a small frontal area. This bullet doesn’t rely on a hollow-point and has sharp edges that’ll cut right through barrier material. That’s optimum. It’s designed to work – and it does that really well.


.44 Magnum
160 Gr. HoneyBadger
Velocity 1800 FPS
Energy 1151 Ft. Lbs.


9mm Luger
125 Gr. Subsonic HoneyBadger
Velocity 1050 FPS
Energy 306 Ft. Lbs.


.45 ACP
135 Gr. HoneyBadger
Velocity 1325 FPS
Energy 526 Ft. Lbs.

For more information about Black Hills Ammunition and their full range of products, please visit

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