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The National Rifle Association has a new major national spokesperson, and it’s a name that many in the firearms community will be familiar with: radio and television host Dana Loesch.

Loesch has been picked by NRA VP and CEO Wayne LaPierre to serve as a Special Assistant to his office for Public Communication, giving her full authority to represent the NRA and speak on their behalf on a broad range of issues.

“During the past year Dana has proven herself to be a powerful voice for the Second Amendment rights of all Americans,” LaPierre said in a statement. “It is clear that Dana has the communication skills, experience, and natural ability to serve our organization well as one its very public faces in the news media.”

Over the past year, the NRA has picked Loesch to serve as a Special Advisor on Women’s Policy Issues. During that time, she’s also been a commentator on NRA TV and made a number of national media appearances on behalf of the NRA and its five million-plus members.

“I’ve been impressed with Dana’s command of the issues facing the NRA, as well as her ability to communicate our positions and connect with women, and men, on those issues,” LaPierre said.

In addition to the new gig with the NRA, Loesch — a two-time author and regular contributor to FOX News, ABC, CNN and other news programs — will continue to host her national syndicated radio show, “The Dana Show,” as well as her television show, “Dana,” on TheBlazeTV.

For more information about the NRA, visit https://nra.org.

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