fab defense scorpus covert
(Photo by FAB Defense)

Safety, comfort and concealability are vital when you’re trying to find a holster for your concealed carry handgun, and FAB Defense’s SCORPUS Covert IWB holster, new for 2017, definitely addresses those critical needs.

The Scorpus Covert was built by FAB Defense using advanced polymer materials to create a slim, flexible and durable holster with an average material thickness of 0.07 of an inch. According to the press release, it features a rounded back for comfortable carry, while also boasting the slim and lightweight qualities of an injected holster. Those pesky sharp edges or points won’t poke or catch on a shirt or jacket.

Two interchangeable belt clips for 1.5-inch or 1.25-inch belts allow you to change flips to properly fit your built, guaranteeing a safe and secure attachment, the press release says. The days of having to “chase” your gun because of a bad fit are over. Also, the ergonomic rounded sweat guard protects the gun’s finish.

Meanwhile, the passive retention system is adjustable so concealed carriers can adjust the retention to match their needs. The fit of the gun into the holster insures a proper grip when pulled and the trigger finger is indexed in the safe position, off the trigger.

Right now, the SCORPUS Covert is available in Black, but Flat Dark Earth variants are coming soon. This holster is compatible with the GLOCK 17, 19, 22, 23, 31 and 32; CZ P-10C; Walther P99; FNS-9; FNS-9 Compact and the Ruger 9E. It is available at a suggested retail price of $44.25.

For more information about FAB Defense, visit http://www.fab-defense.com.

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