iverson arms 1911
(Photo by Iverson Arms)

Iverson Arms — a new Florida-based company founded by former Knight’s Armament Director of Manufacturing Eric Iverson — is coming out of the gate strong with a 1911-style handgun as its first custom-made offering.

And we do mean custom.

Currently available are: 4” and 5” guns, bobtail or full frame, tactical rail, or standard, square trigger guard or round. Initial offerings will be in 9mm and .45 ACP. In the near future, they’ll be able to offer 1911s in almost any caliber a customer would want.

Iverson’s frames and slides are currently available in 416 SS, 17-4 SS, 4140 (chrome moly), Aluminum (frames only), and Titanium. Not only will they build standard right hand ejecting models, but they’ll also build left hand ejecting models as a
standard order model for those who have always wanted one.

Right now, their Aluminum and Titanium frames, along with their slides are built in-house. All frames and slides of any materials will be built in-house in the future to ensure the quality of fit and finish.

A build card/sheet will be included with every shipped firearm. Visual progression of your build will also be an option, keeping you up to date with the status of your custom firearm.

Serial numbers are sequential, so if you care about having a lower serial number, bear that in mind as they are serialized on a first come first served basis.

“Custom made for (your name)”, can be laser engraved on your custom gun at no charge, if you wish.

Introductory pricing for this model, custom built for you, is $2,000.00, plus any additional options chosen. All custom orders will be completed and shipped in three months. Orders with Titanium frame or slide, will require an additional month.

The first 25 customers will receive an embroidered shirt, hat and a laser engraved leather gun rug at no charge, so hop on board while you can.

For more information about Iverson Arms, visit http://www.iversonarms.com

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