Keep your home defense firearms safety locked away and within arm’s reach in plain sight thanks to TacticalWalls’ new Coffee Table, End Table and Night Stand. These three products mark TacticalWalls’ first stand-alone locking units. Each is made from solid maple and built from start to finish in the TacticalWalls facility located in Shenandoah, Virginia.

As the press release notes, the Coffee Table and End Tables appear at first glance to be high-quality pieces of wood furniture. They’re actually much more than that. If you swipe one of the two preprogrammed RFID cards that come with the unit, a hidden compartment underneath the table is unlocked, giving you access to your firearm.

The Coffee Table measures 19 inches tall, 49 inches long and 23 ¾ inches wide. It comes in Cherry, Dutch Walnut, Early American, Black and natural wood finishes. The hidden compartment itself is 37 ½ inches long, 11 ¾ inches wide and 2 inches deep.

Meanwhile, the End Table and Night Stand are both 25 inches tall and are a square 23 inches in width on the surface, the release says. The hidden compartment is 14 inches long, 11 ¾ inches wide and 2 inches deep.

Each product comes with a foam insert for the hidden compartment. To customize it for guns, extra mags and accessories, simply trace out the shape of the objects you want to store in the unit and cut out the foam using an X-Acto knife. After you do that, the backing of the foam insert can be peeled off, revealing an adhesive surface that sticks to the bottom of the compartment.

All three units come with two key cards and one programming card used to match the key to the proper unit. You have the option of ordering additional RFID cards if you need to. Here’s how the pricing breaks down on the Coffee Table, End Tables and Night Stands from TacticalWalls:

— (1) Coffee Table — $795
— (1) End Table — $495
— (1) Night Stand — $495
— (2) End Tables or (2) Night Stands — $895
— (1) Coffee Table and (2) End Tables — $1,495
— (1) Coffee Table, (2) End Tables, (2) Night Stands — $2,245

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