fobus swmp m&p m2.0
(Photo by Fobus Holster)

Certainly the biggest story to come out of the Smith & Wesson camp thus far in 2017 is the introduction of its M&P M2.0 back in January. Now, Fobus has expanded the holster availability for that feature-rich handgun by announcing that its SWMP holster can now accommodate it in paddle, belt and roto styles.

The Fobus SWMP is a high density injection molded polymer holster. It provides passive retention and an adjustment screw for customized retention based upon your personal preference. Meanwhile, steel reinforced rivets secure the holster to the user’s attachment of choice and serve to further strengthen the holster’s integrity.

The paddle variant of the SWMP features a proprietary rubber insert on the back of the paddle, which keeps the holster from moving on the user while simultaneously enhancing the comfort of the holster.

The SWMP Roto version allows for a 360 degree rotation and can be used with either the paddle or belt attachment. It ensures perfect cant rotation, the press release says.

In addition to all that, the 9mm and .40 magazines for the M&P M2.0 also fit in the Fobus 6909ND double mag pouch, while the M&P M2.0 .45 magazine fits in the Fobus 6945 double mag pouch. Both of these mag pouches are part of Fobus’ Evolution series and come with an adjustment screw for the user to dial in the ideal magazine retention pressure.

The Fobus SWMP holster and 6909/6945 mag pouches are available for $38.99 (paddle and belt) and $42.99 (Roto) online at, as well as from major retailers, dealers and distributors nationwide.

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