Lockdown Vault Accessories, a Battenfeld Technologies brand, is expanding its product line with two new holsters designed for your desk and bedside.

The first offering is the Lockdown Under Desk Holster. This product is a 4.25-inch wide elastic holster that mounts — with four screws — underneath nearly any desk. It’s capable of holding a range of handguns, from compact semi-autos to full-frame revolvers. It’ll also hold a spare magazine or flashlight. Built for ambidextrous use and made of re-enforced backing for rigidity, the Under Desk Holster gives you quick and easy access to your firearm. The overall dimensions are 8.5” wide x 10” long x .125” thick (unloaded). The suggested retail price is $23.99.

Next up is the Lockdown Night Guardian Low Profile Holster. This model is designed for those who want to keep a handgun, extra magazine and a flashlight readily available without having to unlock a safe in the middle of the night. Similar to the Under Desk Holster, the Night Guardian Low Profile Holster is 4.25 inches wide, ambidextrous and capable of accommodating a full spectrum of handguns. The tuckable section of the holster can be folded at different depths for holster height adjustment. The dimensions are 8.75” wide x 15” long x .125” thick (unloaded). Made of nylon with re-enforced backing for rigidity, this elastic holster retails for $19.99.

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