In mid-November of 2016 in Lee County, Florida, a man led a sheriff’s deputy on a chase at speeds exceeding 100 miles an hour. At the end of the pursuit, the driver dismounted and attacked the deputy. He had the lawman down and was beating him savagely when a passerby with a concealed-carry permit rushed to his aid. The situation degraded further, and the armed citizen was forced to shoot and kill the offender.

At his request, the name of the rescuer has not been released to the public as of this writing. [Editor’s note: The concealed carrier has since been identified as Ashad Russell]. Far from getting into trouble with the law over it, the armed citizen was hailed by the sheriff for his courage, and for saving the life of his deputy. A local gun shop provided a brand-new Springfield Armory pistol to the rescuer, to replace his own pistol that had gone into evidence as part of the investigation. His act is a classic example of a good armed citizen saving a cop from a bad guy. Call it Case One.

Scroll through the gallery above for six examples of an armed citizen saving a cop from a bad guy. Historically, law enforcement personnel and armed citizens have always been natural allies against violent criminals. The half-dozen cases I’ve offered here only represent a few examples of this particular phenomenon.

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