DeSantis glock 43 holster Raptor
(Photo by DeSantis Gunhide)

A Glock 43 holster is almost as important as the handgun itself, especially as a popular carry handgun.

DeSantis has released two new Glock 43 holster fits: The Raptor and SL Raptor.

The Raptor is a high ride OWB/IWB Kydex-thermoformed holster. It comes pre-formed with a curved back with most of the detailed molding on the outer portion, adding to both comfort and concealability. This holster sports belt loops for 1 ½”, 1 ¾”, or IWB soft polymer straps. It also features a trigger guard detent and rear sweat guard.  The suggested retail price for this product is $79.99.

Similar to the Raptor, the SL Raptor is also a high ride OWB/IWB Kydex-thermoformed holster with a pre-formed curved back. In addition, it also features the very same belt loops or IWB soft polymer straps. This model differs from the standard Raptor in that it features a Redi-Lok trigger locking device and rear sweat guard. It also retails for a bit more, at $83.99.

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