There’s no question that innovation is the name of the game when it comes to Missouri-based Heizer Defense. Now, the makers of the PS1 “Pocket Shotgun,” as well as the PAR1 and PAK1 pistols, are bringing that same innovative spirit to the PKO 45.

A semi-auto chambered for the mighty .45 ACP with an overall weight of just 25 ounces and measuring 0.8 inches thick, the stainless steel, blowback-operated PKO 45 sports a fixed 2.75-inch barrel under the guide rod, resulting in less recoil felt by the end user. It also features a snag-free design, internal hammer/single action and a front strap safety with an additional thumb Bambi-safety. Capacity is 5+1 with a flush magazine and 7+1 with an extended magazine.

While the public at large awaits the release of the PKO 45, Athlon Outdoors contributor Mike Detty recently had the chance to send some rounds through it, and, well, he was not disappointed. In fact, here’s what he wrote about it in the Spring 2017 issue of “Pocket Pistols”:

“I fired over 300 rounds through the PKO 45 during the course of my evaluation. It is accurate, reliable and controllable, and its thin dimensions, rounded contours and light weight are certain to make it a top choice for concealed carry. A product of a mechanical genius with an inventive bent, the PKO 45 will appeal to those who recognize quality and innovation and demand the best.”

Watch the video above to get a closer look at the Heizer Defense PKO 45. To read more about it, be sure to pick up the Spring 2017 issue of “Pocket Pistols.” To order online, visit

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