A California-based company called Teksilon is looking to take gun training to the next level with its new Interactive Pistol Training System, or iPTS. This multi-sensor platform incorporates the iPTS 1700 training pistol, iPTS target and iPTS app into a complete training regimen for everyone from first-time gun owners to experienced competition shooters, firearms instructors, military members and LEOs.

The iPTS 1700 pistol uses proprietary sensor fusion technology to measure the movement of the pistol before, during and after each trigger pull to place each shot accurately on the iPTS target. It then records and displays that information to the shooter using the iPTS app.

The pistol has features that resemble some of the most popular handguns out there today. It sports a 5.5 pound trigger pull, as well as a functional, movable racking slide that activates the pistol for training. It also boasts tactile feedback, meaning sound and shake, with every shot. Interchangeable front and rear sights are included, as is a mounting plate for optional red dot optics. Rounding out the features of the iPTS 1700 pistol are an LED status indicator, a Micro-USB port for pistol charging, interchangeable handgrips, two interchangeable magazines weighted to simulate a fully loaded magazine and an ambidextrous magazine release. This pistol can fit in holsters designed for most common handguns.

The iPTS target can be set up quickly and easily set up in its target frame using a standard photo tripod. It can also be hung on the wall. Battery-powered and rechargeable with the included AC adapter, the iPTS target ships with two foldable inserts: a defensive/tactical insert for speed and precision shooting and a bullseye target for boosting accuracy on-demand. It’s lightweight and disassembles in two pieces.

At the heart of the iPTS system is its app. Compatible with both Apple and Android devices, the iPTS Virtual Trainer App uses step-by-step voice prompts to help the shooter improve his or her target acquisition and accuracy. It also provides audio warnings when the pistol isn’t being handled safely. In addition to all this, the app offers real time visual feedback of each shot location on the target, allowing the shooter to make corrections without interrupting the training session.

Teksilon opted for the crowdfunding route to roll out the iPTS. It’s set to launch on Indiegogo on April 15. Backers get the full kit, which includes the iPTS 1700 pistol, two interchangeable magazines, an iPTS target with reversible target insert, AC adapter/charger, USB cable and quick-start user guide. Early Bird backers get a discount from the $599 MSRP of the complete iPTS kit.

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