Never let it be said that SHOT Show 2017 was suffering from a lack of quality product. Quite the opposite, in fact. With over 1,600 companies showcasing a wide spectrum of gear on show floor space that amounted to more than 630,000 net square feet, or the equivalent of over 13 acres, well, let’s just say our heads were still spinning by the end of it all. Once the dust settled, however, we were able to pick out the 18 best pieces of new gear that caught our eye at this year’s event, from laser sights and cleaning kits to hearing protection, range equipment and much more. Scroll through the gallery above to get a look at our picks.

For more information about the new gear featured here, please visit the following sites.

Chamber-View Universal Handgun ECI

Crimson Trace LG-485 Laserguard

Gungenics Cleaning Kits

G-Sight Laser Training Pro

Kahr Firearms Group App

Hoppe’s Black


LaserMax Spartan SPS-C-R

Lyman Auto Advance Target System

Lyman Tool Kit


MGM Targets Steel Challenge Plate Rack

Real Avid Gun Tool Max

SportEar Ghost Stryke

Streamlight TLR-6

SureFire XC2

Tetra Gun Dry Finish Lubricant

Walker’s Razor XV

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