The NRA has unveiled a new concealed carry training program and insurance plan dubbed the NRA Carry Guard ahead of its annual meetings in Atlanta later this week.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, the concealed carry training classes will be intense, taking place over the course of days rather than hours, and involve a more “rigorous” standard for getting certified. Rather than just learning the basics of firearm safety, students will learn “advanced details” regarding carrying a firearm in public. They’ll also be taught self defense shooting tactics, concealed carry mindset, important laws they need to know and more.

These classes will be available in addition to the courses the NRA already offers.

“It’s going to be much more involved, much more intense,” NRA spokesperson Bill Powers said. “It was created from the ground up by a team of veteran SEALS, veteran Green Berets, veteran law enforcement experts, and it is very intense. People who have gone through the program are saying it’s the best they’ve ever seen.”

Thus far, heavyweights like Larry Vickers, Dom Raso, Ken Hackathorn, Pat McNamara, Joe Collins, Bill Rogers and Clint Smith have endorsed the concealed carry training program.

The NRA hasn’t released details on the cost, training locations and timetable of availability, but NRA-certified instructors, LEOs and military personnel can apply right now to become Carry Guard instructors.

Meanwhile, the insurance plan for the NRA Carry Guard program will be available in three different membership tiers: bronze, silver and gold. Basically, it’s a way for those with legal issues to be financially protected. The policy holder gets reimbursed once charges are dropped or a not guilty verdict is rendered in a criminal or civil case. The plan also covers bail, a lawyer retainer, gun replacement, lost pay during court dates, psychological support and cleanup costs. A 24-hour hotline for reporting incidents, free coverage for spouses and a subscription to a new magazine called “NRA Carry Guard Magazine” is also included, the Washington Free Beacon says.

Bronze costs $13.95 a month and covers $250,000 in civil suits and $50,000 for criminal defense. Silver will run you $21.95 per month. It covers half a million in civil suit costs and $100,000 in criminal defense reimbursement. Gold will cost $31.95 a month and cover a cool million in civil suits and $150,000 in criminal defense reimbursement.

The insurance plan is underwritten by Chubb Insurance and is available now.

“Of our 5 million members, a lot of those folks carry and they have been clamoring for the NRA to provide an elite product with respect to training, insurance, and education,” Powers said. “The NRA has responded to our members and to the demand of the consumers, gun carrying consumers, that really wanted a first-rate elite program. NRA Carry Guard is an elite training, insurance, and education program. It is the finest in the world. For any citizen who gets up and puts a gun on their hip, Carry Guard is for them.”

NRA reps will be on hand at the annual meetings later this week to provide more detail about the organization’s new Carry Guard program.

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