Once a person decides to carry concealed, a good holster and/or carry system (perhaps several) is necessary to safely and comfortably carry the firearm. An amazing array of options is available, including totes, handbags, fanny packs and more. Kydex and thermoplastics are produced in multiple colors and patterns, and traditional leather is still a very viable option, giving consumers a myriad of choices. A number of vendors introduced new items at this year’s SHOT show. Here are some of the best holsters and carry systems we found.

For more information on the holsters featured in the gallery above, check out the following sites:

1791 Gunleather UIW

Alien Gear ShapeShift

Bravo Concealment DOS

Clinger Holsters Trump Tuck

Comp-Tac Cavalry

Concealed Carrie

Crossfire Elite

DeSantis Nylon Mini-Scabbard

DoubleClick Holsters

DSG Holsters

El Paso Summer Cruiser

Fobus XDSC

Galco Scout IWB Gen 2

Gold Star Holsters

Gun Tote’n Mamas

High Threat Concealment

Hunter Holsters

Kaos Concealment

Pistol Wear PT-2

Sticky Holsters

Tagua Gunleather

Talon Holsters

Telor Comfort-Air

Urban Carry G2


Versacarry Protector S2

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