For the first time in its history, Taurus has designed, engineered and manufactured a new firearm entirely within the United States. The Taurus Spectrum is also the first semi-automatic pistol equipped with soft-touch panels seamlessly integrated into the grip and slide. This breakthrough design delivers better comfort, better responsiveness and better control. The company is also offering the gun with several color combinations to choose from, merging fashion and function for truly distinctive firearms.

When Taurus decided to design a new .380 ACP pocket pistol, its engineers decided to address that entire segment of the market. One of the main issues with traditional .380s is that they are not pleasant guns to shoot or handle. These guns are typically small for better concealability, but as firearms become smaller, they also become less manageable. So, with the Spectrum, Taurus focused on ergonomics, recoil management,
trigger control and usability.

“The industry has missed the mark on developing a micro-pistol that melds ergonomics and usability and is safe and easy to manipulate,” said Dusty Sroufe, Taurus’ director of product development. “Our desire at Taurus was to create a gun that is pleasant to shoot at the range as well as to carry with confidence. The Taurus Spectrum is the complete package consumers are seeking.”

To that end, Taurus took a fresh look at how the gun interfaces with the user. The company collaborated with PolyOne, a global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions. Together, they conducted a major ergonomic study to better understand the challenges of making a small pistol that fits various hand sizes. Drawing on PolyOne’s expertise, Taurus executed an enhanced grip design featuring unique contours that enable the hand to naturally conform to the firearm, providing a more secure grip.

This study was also vital in developing an extended magazine that is ergonomically contoured to fit your hand, providing a natural point of aim and a confident user experience. The extended magazine option holds seven rounds and features a finger groove for more comfort and control.

Recoil management was addressed through both ergonomics and innovative materials. Utilizing its relationship with PolyOne, Taurus enhanced the functionality of the firearm with the use of proprietary polymers. Soft-touch material was used to improve grip retention in both wet and dry conditions. And while typical designs rely on grip texturing to keep the gun secure in the user’s hand while shooting, the soft-touch material provides better fiction than standard stippling.

The collaboration with PolyOne was integral in striking the perfect balance between function and durability. The grip materials are permanently bonded together; they’re stain and chemical resistant, and can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. The material properties are not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Racking the slide can also be problematic for some shooters, and Taurus decided to take an innovative approach in addressing this challenge. Instead of traditional slide serrations, Taurus developed a stylish design that allows the fingers to engage indentations on the slide, providing positive contact points for enhanced traction, minimizing short strokes while racking for enhanced safety. Additionally, the same soft-touch material that is used on the grip is also incorporated into the slide for better traction. These elements, when combined, make it much easier to chamber a round.

Finally, the Spectrum is striker-fired with a long and smooth 7- to 9-pound trigger. Unique to Taurus, this true double-action-only trigger system features a non-energized striker, with no pre-cocking or pre-loading applied, ensuring no contact between the sear and striker. The wide, flat trigger aids in correct finger placement. For additional safety, the gun comes equipped with a striker block, providing peace of mind for everyday carry.

Taurus Spectrum Appeal

Shaping the future of everyday carry, the new Taurus Spectrum covers every aspect of the concealed-carry experience. Not only is the product intended to feel good and perform reliably, but Taurus also wanted a product that was visually appealing to the consumer. Taurus paired fashion and function with more elegant color choices. Aside from inevitable special-edition offerings, the Spectrum is available in eight standard color offerings, including a black, gray or white frame option with either black or gray overmolding and a black or stainless slide. Then there are the “house color” options: a black frame and slide with Flat Dark Earth overmolding; a white frame, stainless slide and cyan overmolding; and a gray frame, a black slide and mint overmolding.

To appeal to more shooters, the magazine release is reversible, and the gun is designed for easy disassembly. The trigger doesn’t have to be pulled to take the pistol down for cleaning or maintenance

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