A robber in Northern California brought a fake gun to a real gunfight—earning himself a trip to the hospital in the process.

SFGate reports that the incident took place at a tobacco and vape shop in a strip mall located at Pacific Avenue and North Texas Street in Fairfield. In a scene captured on a surveillance camera, the masked suspect walked into the establishment at around 12:40 p.m., drew a firearm out of his waistband and pointed it at two clerks working behind the counter.

The suspect then jumped over the counter, forced the two clerks onto the ground and started stuffing cash in his pockets. At that point, one of the clerks rushed the suspect and a struggle began.

During the fight, one of the clerks—in fear for his life— pulled out a gun of his own and opened fire, shooting the suspect once in the chest.

Police arrived and performed first aid to the would-be robber until emergency services arrived and transported him to an area hospital. As of a couple of days ago, he was listed in critical condition.

When processing the scene, police discovered that the gun used by the suspect was actually a realistic-looking BB gun.

“He went in with a realistic firearm to rob the store and the clerk had no idea whether the gun was real or not,” said Sgt. Matt Bloesch of the Fairfield Police Department.

Witnesses told detectives that the clerk acted in self defense. He isn’t facing any charges as a result of pulling the trigger with his legally-owned handgun.

“He lawfully possessed that firearm, he shot the man that was robbing his store because he feared for his life and he was defending himself, and he was defending another person,” Bloesch said.

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